Aside from mold growth, pest infestation is another roofing problem that you may encounter. There are several rodents that can invade your roof and your home as a whole, but the black rats are your number one enemy. Aside from they can damage your roofing materials, they can also enter your house and chew on electrical wires, water pipes, and furniture. They carry diseases too and some of which are life-threatening.

Needless to say, you need to get rid of those rodents in your roof. Here are the most effective ways to do so:

1.     Block Off Entry Points

The black rats can make their way to your home through the holes and gaps in your roof. Therefore, it is essential that you inspect your roofing regularly and block off all potential entry points.

2.     Keep Your Home Clean

Rodents thrive in a filthy environment, and if you don’t want them to make your home their new paradise, you should keep it clean at all times. You also need to store your food items properly since these are things that really attract them.

3.     Sanitize the Outdoors

It is also highly recommended that you keep outdoors clean and free from anything that attracts rodents. You need to dispose of your trash properly and keep your garbage cans.

4.     Set a Trap

If you know for a fact that rats and other rodents have already invaded your home, you can set up traps in the different areas of your home, particularly the kitchen, basement, attic, as well as the roof.

5.     Use Baits

Baiting is an excellent way to eliminate rodents in your roof. Those tiny creatures will smell the bait, eat it, and eventually die because of the poison. As a friendly reminder, use this technique outdoors and never inside your home, especially if you have pets or little kids living with you.

Still experiencing problems, first call your local pest control, but contact a local roofer as well to do an inspection for any potential damage. If you’re in Toledo Ohio, then check Roofer Toledo OH!